Blueberry Donut Wax Melts
Blueberry Donut Wax Melts
Blueberry Donut Wax Melts
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Blueberry Donut Wax Melts

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Blueberry donut smells like baked cheesecake and blueberries with hints of cinnamon.  With this listing you will receive 2 Donut Wax Melts.

Our Blueberry wax melts are hand poured using soy wax. Some of the benefits of soy wax are:
• Soy wax is natural and it is made from the oils of soy beans
• Soy wax is environmentally friendly

Each melt weighs about 2.5 oz and is almost 3 inches wide.

Please be aware that soy wax may sometimes have a “frosted” appearance, but this does not affect the scent of your melts.

• Use only in warmers approved for wax melts.
• Do not leave warmer unattended.
• Do not add water.
• Please keep melts and warmer out of reach of children and pets.